Key Man Insurance, Exit Planning
& Business Continuity Strategies

How do you plan to handle rough seas in the future?

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Our Strategic Business Planning Services

Key Person Insurance

Protecting your business from the loss of a key person is critical so you’re still able to sail and keep your business running without them. We can help determine the potential economic impact and what it takes to cover your business in case one of your key employees passes away unexpectedly or becomes disabled.

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Business Continuity Planning

Who will take over at the helm at your business if something happens to you, a partner or another key person?
We’ll help ensure your business is protected and prepared for the unexpected with a continuity plan that keeps the operation moving forward and minimizes impacts in turbulent

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Executive Compensation

While we’re not saying you need to give every executive the keys to a brand new fishing boat, the right compensation plan could actually be your key to lasting success.  We can help determine the best payment and benefit strategy to encourage executive retention and keep key personnel with your business for the long term.

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Exit Planning

Whether you want to retire on a yacht or sail onto a new opportunity, we can help prepare your business for your departure. To set you up for success, we’ll develop an exit strategy consultation to determine timing of the exit, who will manage the business when you’re gone and how to produce the necessary cash flow.

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Succession Planning

If you have to step down as the captain of your vessel (aka your business), we can help you set a plan for who will take your plan.

You can also apply this same principle to your top revenue drivers and employees – Who will step into their place if they leave?

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Rapid Protection Program

If you’re buying business insurance through traditional routes, you could be overpaying.

Our Rapid Protection Program is designed to allow businesses to secure essential insurance at the lowest possible price and with the highest probability of success.

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We Look At Key Person Insurance in 3D

What does it mean to look at key person insurance in 3D?
We look to protect your business as best we can from the 3 ways you can lose someone; by death, by disability, and by a decision to leave.
Don’t most advisors/brokers do this?
No, most advisors see key person insurance as death only insurance. Statistically, this is the least likely way to lose someone yet it is commonly the only protection put in place.
Why Choose Helm Financial For Key Person Insurance?
  1. We use a 3D approach to ensure your business is protected “from all angles”
  2. We are independent – we have no ties to big insurance companies or incentives to sell certain products over another
  3. We have pioneered an insurance acquisition process called Rapid Protection Program where you shop actual rates, not speculative ones.

Is your business ready for the future?
These resources can help you determine that!

Meet Our Co-Captains

The founders of Helm Financial LLC, Zach Taylor (left) and Alex Grammatic (right), share more than just a strong love of the sea; we both agree that we are greater than the sum of our parts. We carry this team-oriented approach through all aspects of our client-focused mindset and have created a network of strategic partnerships with respected estate and business attorneys, CPAs and other financial experts. With unwavering optimism and a passion for continued growth opportunities, our primary focus is big-picture success for each of our clients.

Whether you want to talk about your latest fishing trip or chat about key person insurance, we’re all ears!

Managing Your Risk

The professionals at Helm Financial LLC can position you to offset risk caused by contract disputes, training replacements or a company buyout; the loss of specialized expertise, intellectual property and key employees; and events that impact sales and production. We are leaders in identifying business opportunities, and every member of our team understands how to reverse-engineer their clients’ business objectives into a wholistic, navigable plan. Our independent business consultants mentor clients to help them protect the value of their ownership interest.

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Let us help you prepare for a successful business exit.

Contact us to learn more about our exit planning strategies and financial coverage options for your company.