Pioneering Transparency in the Complicated Outdated Shady Unprincipled Greedy Untruthful Deceiving Questionable Unscrupulous Life Insurance Industry

Putting Your Health First to Maximize Insurance Savings

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Let Us Be Your Partner When Buying Key Man Insurance

First and foremost, we’re a tech company, not an insurance agency. Helm Financial is an independently owned and operated organization that will be objective when finding you multiple offers from our network of top-rated carriers. We care more about getting you the lowest possible price for insurance, not our commission rates.

We use a Key3D approach. 
We look to protect your business as best we can from the 3 ways you can experience loss;
Don’t most advisors/brokers do this?
No. Most advisors see key person insurance as death only insurance. Statistically, however, this is the least likely way to lose someone, yet it is commonly the only protection put in place.

    Truly      Transparent

Including our commission rates! We have no ties to any insurance company or incentive to sell certain products over another. You see every option we see every single time.

Comprehensive Coverage

We use a 3D approach to ensure your business is protected “from all angles” when it comes to Death, Disability and Departure.

Shop Actual Rates Everytime

We have pioneered an insurance acquisition process called the WayPilot Program where you can shop the actual rates, not speculative ones.

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Our Insurance Partners

What Do Most People Ask Us?

What is your company mission?2021-02-09T18:21:48+00:00

We are here to bring transparency to buying life insurance. Brokers/agents/advisors get paid a percentage of the premium you pay. This means there is no incentive for a broker to save you money by trying to get a better price, it only means they do more work and get paid less. This is the problem in the industry we are trying to fix, to keep your interest at the top, not ours. Join us in the insurance transparency revolution.

What types of insurance do you sell?2021-01-29T19:55:42+00:00

Helm Financial is not a jack of all trades broker, we are not going to pretend we are experts at everything. However, we are experts in key person life and disability insurance, buy-sell insurance, executive compensation insurance plans, and advanced age (70+) life insurance.

Is it more or less expensive to buy from Helm Financial?2021-02-09T18:22:53+00:00

Insurance company rates are set at the state level and no one can offer a discount on that price, so we are no more expensive. However, using our WayPilot program where we shop actual rates not quotes, we save clients 53% on average.

How do you get paid?2021-01-29T19:54:54+00:00

We get paid commissions from insurance companies when we sell policies. See our “broker compensation” page to learn more.

How is your process different from other insurance brokers or websites?2021-02-09T18:22:34+00:00

Everyone else sells you insurance by forcing you to pick an insurance company before they know your full health profile and how that will impact rates (A simple set of health questions is far from providing accurate quotes). And if the actual approved price ends up being higher than the quote (as most do) that just means they make more money in commissions. There is no incentive for them to get you a lower price as this means they make less money. Our process does not force you to choose an insurance company at the start. We source all required physician records, vitals, lab work, and other items. Then, and only then, do we shop for actual approvals so there are no surprises.

Contact us today to learn more about our transparency model and how we save you more money than any other broker.