Buy-Sell Insurance Is An Integral Part of Any Buy-Sell Agreement.

For business partners, completing the legal agreement is a great start, but it’s really only half the work.
The other part is financially backing any buyout triggering event using insurance (specifically death or disability).

What Is Buy-Sell Insurance?

Buy-sell insurance, or sometimes called buyout insurance, is a funding method in order to satisfy a legal agreement between business partners.


There are 2 components of any buyout:

  1. The Triggering Event – Common triggers include death or disability of a business partner
  2. The Funding Method That Provides Capital – Often buy-sell insurance owned by the other partner(s) or the business

Do You Need Buy-Sell Insurance? 

A quick test to determine if you should be considering a buyout insurance policy is thinking about how you will come up with the money to buy out a partner if he/she passes away suddenly.


For businesses with a higher valuation, the most efficient way to come up with a large lump sum is to have an insurance policy that pays out when a partner becomes unable to continue in the business.


If you cannot come up with the capital needed to buy out the shares of the deceased, you should consider purchasing insurance. 

Why Choose Helm Financial? 

Insurance companies have much stricter underwriting guidelines when it comes to business insurance and a specialist should be hired for this process. Look at it as a general practitioner vs. a specialist.

Helm Financial is not a general practice firm, we specialize in insurance for business uses and work with clients all over the world to secure such insurance. 

  • We have the experience needed to advise you with confidence, and we’ve worked with businesses across industries to deliver business continuity and succession planning solutions. 
  • We’re independently owned and operated – which means that we can help your business secure the best quote possible for your policy by working with many insurance partners. 
  • We utilize a unique underwriting process that allows us to obtain offers and negotiate policy coverage and costs prior to a formal application. This ensures the highest probability of success for optimal coverage.
  • We have in-depth knowledge not only of buy-sell insurance but all forms of business continuity planning. We won’t just help you find a good insurance policy – we’ll help you build a plan to protect your business’s future viability. 

WayPilot Program

At Helm Financial, there’s one other important differentiating factor between us and a traditional insurance broker – the WayPilot Program.

Our WayPilot Program is designed to allow businesses to secure essential insurance at the lowest possible price and with the highest probability of success.

We put your health first to maximize your savings and we are the ONLY company pioneering insurance in this way.

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Which Buy-Sell Agreement Is Right For You?

When structuring a buy-sell agreement and purchasing buyout insurance, there are two categories of arrangements.

Use our tool to discover which one is best for you and read below to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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Secure the buy-sell insurance you need at the best price.

Contact us to learn more about buy-sell insurance policies and to get a quote.