Business Exit Strategy Consulting

Every business owner will eventually leave their company, whether on their own terms or otherwise. If you are actively planning to exit your business, hope to leave within 5-10 years, or haven’t yet considered your departure, now is the time to start developing your exit objectives. Helm Financial LLC specializes in helping business owners develop a plan to leave their company in capable hands while significantly increasing potential cash flow and substantially mitigating possible taxes. By conducting an exit strategy consultation, we will help create a smoother transition as you prepare for the inevitable.

Our business consultants work to streamline exits in conjunction with other exit planning specialists who aid in tax planning and legal work. We leverage our resources to increase business value by implementing strategic growth models and protection for liabilities. Few attorneys and CPAs specifically work in this area, which is why our positioning is so important.

Financial Services Priced for You

Improper structuring of a business strategy could cost a company time, jobs and money. To prevent that issue, our fee is based on the average revenue of your company, and we set expectations and timelines up front so our team and clients are all on the same page. This means everyone’s time can be utilized effectively as we provide unbiased, non-proprietary recommendations.

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Executive Compensation

After hiring a new executive key person, keeping this individual around for the long term should be your top priority. With that goal comes the need to use the appropriate payment strategy. If you’re not sure which method will fit your business, we can help you determine the best plan.


In addition to providing company owners advice on how to best set up their compensation package for a key person, we are also positioned to work alongside other industry professionals who can assist with the legal arrangements.

Business Continuity Planning – Key Man Coverage

All too frequently, small businesses dissolve due to key members leaving, whether by choice or out of necessity. To avoid this, we use various types of entity agreements—including cross-purchase, and split-dollar—to ensure that the company, its employees and any beneficiaries are adequately protected. To counter the loss of a team member, we have developed our own key person insurance calculator that combines several well-known strategies to provide you a range of insurance values and provide your company adequate coverage. In addition to calculating the revenue a key person brings to your company, we also consider the amount of time it takes to replace that person, how long it takes their replacement to become completely efficient and the present value of the future impact of such a loss.

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Prepare your business for the future by using our 3-D approach.

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