Pioneering Insurance: Putting Your Health First to Maximize Your Savings

Businesses – just like people – need certain forms of insurance. And, just like millions of people, many businesses overpay for insurance coverage. That’s why we’ve developed the WayPilot Program for our clients.

The WayPilot Program is designed to allow businesses to secure essential insurance at the lowest possible price and with the highest probability of success.

How do we do that?

We put you and your health first.

Take your traditional insurance agency. When you need insurance, their brokers will take your basic information and compute a list of quotes assuming your health is the same for every insurance company.

What they don’t take into consideration is that every insurance company views your health differently. One may see your health as standard. Another may find you’re a preferred client. Yet another may see your health as below their average. Therefore, their quote prices can differ depending on that health evaluation. By treating all of these insurance companies the same, finding the best price at an insurance agency turns into expensive guesswork for a client.

So when someone asks Helm Financial for insurance, we go through all of the health assessment steps BEFORE we select an insurance company. We then securely and confidentially approach all of the top insurance companies with your file.

We get back an actual rating class approval based on your medical information which we can then source quotes from. This allows us to help you pick the best insurance every time, delivering reliable savings.

A Real-World Example: Traditional Method

Let’s say a business is looking for key person insurance for a top salesperson. Here is the profile an insurance agency might submit for that key person:

  • 50 years old
  • Above-average health
  • Needs $3 Million worth of insurance
  • 20-year term

To the left is how some insurance agencies might return a quote online or through a broker.

It would seem that Company A is offering a better deal. So without our WayPilot Program, you would likely choose the $3,915 annual premium which will cost you $78,300 over 20 years.

A Real-World Example: WayPilot Program 

With our WayPilot Program, look at how the premiums change once each insurance company evaluates this individual’s health against their own criteria as opposed to just assuming what the health rating will be.

If this client had gone with Insurance Company D instead of Insurance Company A, they could’ve saved over $61,500 in payments over 20 years!

This savings is possible with the WayPilot Program because we know what the actual costs will be prior to submitting a formal application.

Why Buy Insurance Any Other Way?

No two insurance companies operate in the exact same way –– they each have different practices for evaluating health standards, and they calculate premiums differently. At Helm Financial, we understand this because we’ve worked with these insurance companies for years. We know how they function, and we know how to determine and negotiate the best possible deals for our clients through this WayPilot Program process. 

By engaging in our WayPilot Program, you can save your business tens of thousands of dollars. Why would you buy insurance any other way?

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